Kibworth - A marina. Probably not of much note if you're not into canals and, well, boats (or barges?).
Barmouth, Gwynedd - first camper outing, summer 2021
Nailsworth, Gloucestershire - visit here quite a bit. Pics of the Ruskin Mill College
Bala, Gwynedd - New Year 21/22
Dumfries and Galloway September 2021
Madeira March 2022
Harborough Rock April 2022
Mixed feelings. Well, it's a disaster really. That quarry works is deafening. And just when it's only a distant drone you find yourself next to some sort of shooting range. Cycle path looks promisng though, and there is at least a free car park. And a nice enough if gastroed pub - the Miner's Arms - nearby at Carsington Water.
Coming soon . . .
Coming soon . . .